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Booking an appointment at our dental clinic is as easy as it gets...

You will be able to schedule a convenient time for your meeting with our dentists with just 2 clicks!

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Welcome to DentaDox

Dental clinic BeDentist welcomes you!

We’re glad you hand your dental health concerns to our skilled hands. We’ll make sure to deliver the best possible healthcare to all our patients! Of course, we always complement our main services with a customer service oriented approach.

We sincerely believe that visiting a dentist shouldn’t be a frightening or stressful experience! We provide an equally comfortable experience of relaxation for all our young and adult customers! Also we implement a lot of pain management and anesthesia options. Everything we do is aimed at making you feel comfortable, while we take care of your oral healthcare!

It includes both local anesthesia for mouth-numbing as well as a sedative anesthesia. Altogether, this helps relief any pain which might occur in the process of treatment. All in all, we’ve got it all under control at our DentaDox dental health clinic.

We invite you to explore the information about our dental office on our website! Feel free to read our terms and conditions and all the additional info we have posted here.

Once our customer, you will be leaving our dental clinic with a bright, wide smile!

Why choose the DentaDox clinic?

Easy booking

Booking an appointment at our dental clinic is as easy as doing 2 clicks!


Combined, our 5 dentists have over half a century of practical experience. They are ready to put it to action for you!

Flexible schedule

We work during all state holidays, besides working till late during the regular days. In case of emergencies we accept weekend bookings.

Best price guarantee

Our reasonable prices made thousands of people smile with a new, beautiful smile, as never before!!

What our patients say

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

Zack Effron santa monica, ca

"Comparing teeth whitening prices here and elsewhere, I picked DentaDox. The result was beyond my expectations!"

Gary Growles santa monica, ca

"Taking my kids to a dentist has never been easier. They just loved the welcoming and warm atmosphere in there!"

Kimberly Barker santa monica, ca

How we can help...

We offer a wide range of procedures to help you get the perfect smile.

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